Out May 18th on Relative Pitch Records

Coming out on the experimental imprint Relative Pitch Records, Richards explores the intersection between electronic and acoustic manipulation, reaching new depths in the process of recording improvised music. Richard’s output until now has mostly existed in the supportive role, contributing to recordings and/or live performances with the likes of Henry ThreadgillJohn ZornAnthony Braxton and Butch Morris to performing alongside household names like Kanye West and The Pixies. Richards is completely unplugged on this record, but paired with masterful live-sampling by Dino J.A. Deane, Fullmoon becomes much more than a record of solo improvisation; this is our first glimpse at Richards’ ability to craft a complete world of her own, and it’s really exciting. If you like to explore ambitious new ways of transmitting musical ideas, you’ll enjoy the universe that Richards’ has dreamed up on Fullmoon.

Upcoming 2018 tour dates:

April 21 Mexico City @  GONG Film Premiere, Bucareli 69, Mexico City, Mexico featuring drummer/producer Andrew Munsey and filmmaker/projectionist Aaron Vinton

May 17 Denver, CO  Fullmoon @ DateLine Galleries

May 19 Brooklyn, NY PREMIERE and RECORD RELEASE @ National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY
featuring special guests Dawn of Midi drummer/composer Qasim Naqvi and JA Dino Deane

May 21 Los Angeles, CA,  Fullmoon @ArtShareLA

May 23 San Diego, CA, Fullmoon @ CPMC Experimental Theatre, UC San Diego